What is the XP.Bell?


The XP.Bell can accommodate you whether it's 10 lbs or 100 lbs you're looking for to load your movement.

It's FUN

This is one of the many benefits of the XP.Bell that we can't accurately describe... yes, it adds variety to any workout routine, it has a different feel to it, it's not the least bit intimidating (even for those completely new to lifting heavy stuff), and it's oddly fun to use - but once you experience it for yourself, we'll let you try to explain!


So you won't need a special grip, an awkward new movement, or to change up how you do your workout just to use it (unless you want to)... it simply works for your dumbbell and kettlebell movements - plug 'n play. Seriously.

It's SAFE (as weights can be)

So dropping it on your foot, your nice wood floor, or your face (we don't suggest trying this, but if it does happen, you'll thank us) won't ruin your workout (or your face).


The problem with gadgets and even a lot of "specialty equipment" is that they're fun at first... but their ineffectiveness (gadgets) and/or limited use (specialty equipment) will inevitably leave them sitting in the corner collecting dust and taking up space- don't waste your time, money (or space). If you use dumbbells or kettlebells in your training now, we guarantee the XP.Bell will upgrade your workout!